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Dear customer!

2019 is coming to an end, but at V.Aa. Gram A/S we keep on working to develop and improve our products. With this newsletter we present an optimized version of the pivotal hood type LE as well as a new and better hose for our extraction arms in general. See more below.

Besides we have - for the first time since the beginning of 2018 - launched a new price list, which will take effect from 1.1.2020.

We look forward to more development and innovation in the new year and thank you for the cooperation in 2019!

Pivotal hood type LE in new optimized version

One of our older and very popular products, the pivotal hood type LE, has been revised by our construction department with a list of optimizing inputs from our cooperation partners. This work gave a new optimized version of the standard pivotal hood, so that it now has been made with bended grips on the whole length, which makes the positioning easier.

The inlay for edge extraction has been designed, so that vibrations deriving from air speed/turbulence will be removed.

The light pivotal hood in aluminium will be delivered powder enamelled for a more uniformly design together with better resilience against scratches etc.

The pipe and hose work on the extension arm and the parallelogram arm have been lifted, so that the flex hose cannot be toiled by the moveable parts. Apart from this the hose work over the parallelogram arm has been optimized, so that the flow will be more streamlined and the pressure loss will be optimized. See more informations about the pivotal hood type LE here:

See brochure here!

Extraction arm type RGF with S10-hose

New hose for extraction arms

n connection with the launch of our new price list, which will take effect from January 2020, we have chosen to optimize the whole program of extraction arms with our new S10 flexible hose, which is characterized by clearly higher durability and a good flexibility like the former model.

The S10 flexible hose consists of a flexible PVC coated polyester web with a built-in steel spiral. The hose has a very resilient surface and is of course resistent towards sparks and heat from welding etc.

With this hose the disadvantages discovered with the old hose, being too tight against the joints of the extraction arm and damaging the hose web, will be minimized.

The new S10 hose is black, which in our opinion suits the other arm components very well.

New price list for 2020

Ultimo November we sent out our new price list, which will take effect from 1.1.2020.

The last update of the price list was in 2018, and we have now - including the improvements described above - an strengthened product program and very moderate price changes, which hopefully will be welcomed by you.

If you are not on our mailing list for price lists, contact our sales department at sales@vaagram.dk.

Holidays Christmas and New Year 2019

At the end of December our staff will enjoy a well-deserved holiday, and therefore V.Aa. Gram A/S is closed on the following days:

23.12.2019 - 01.01.2020 (both days included)

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