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The sweet Christmas time is quickly approaching. We hope that you enjoy this time, while you and we try to keep the wheels running. The company is closed between Christmas and New Year from 22nd Dec. 2018 to 2nd Jan. 2019 (both days included).

New presentation video of V. Aa. Gram A/S

During our annual information meeting for all employees at the end of November we launched our new presentation video of our company.

We think it gives a good impression of our business - and we thank our multimedia intern, Christine Nybro, who has been responsible for script, shootings and editing.

Take a look at the video here:

See presentation video

Case Volkswagen Galdsaxe

Process ventilation for Volkswagen in Gladsaxe

Project: Establishing process ventilation for vehicle exhaust, windshield bonding and chemical storage after a fire at Volkswagen in Gladsaxe 

Contractor: I-Klima ApS

Volkswagen in Gladsaxe, which is one of the biggest autorized Volkswagen workshops in and around Copenhagen, had a fire in their paint shop in February, so that they needed to redesign the whole workshop. As Volkswagen wanted to increase the area of the service workshop, is was decided to move the paint shop to another place.

That is why they had to establish a new process ventilation for vehicle exhaust, exhaust from bench grinder/sandblasting cabin, from windshield bonding and from the chemical storage.

V.Å. Gram A/S - in cooperation with I-Klima ApS - has delivered hose reels with 10 meter ø100mm flexible hose for vehicle exhaust, mounted under the ceiling. The hose reels were delivered completely adjusted and wired incl. 230V-plug. The fan is frequency converted and has an automatic start/stop-function.

At the sandblasting cabin and the bench grinder a filter unit type FR5 with a manual Roto-cleaned filter cartridge as well as a mounted fan has been installed.

For exhaust at the chemical storage a galvanized and spark-protected fan type VL500-O4 (engine 0,25 kW) was delivered. At the windshield bonding process a galvanized and spark-protected fan type VE 2200-C2 with 2,2 kW motor has been installed, which is connected to the existing pivotal hood for bonding. Both fans are designed for outdoor installation.

Product news

The W3 approved FL installations can now be used with a frequency converter

The fact that energy optimizing is a very relevant topic, and some countries even give subsidy to installations build after energy saving principles, has besides IE3 motors on all units given us the idea to get a W3-approval for the FL-series of filter units, so that they can also be operated with a frequency converter.

Having the Welding Class W3 means that the unit extraction degree has been tested specifically for welding smoke from high-alloy steel. This allows the filtrated air to be recirculated, when this is permitted (recirculation is not allowed in Denmark).

The installation complies to the security and health standards as in DIN EN ISO 15012-1 (2005).

Tested at the IFA (Institut für Arbeitsschutz der Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung) - the former BGIA.

Read more about Filterline type FL W3

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