Control box S-RT101

Control box type S-RT101 is intended for converting a break signal in connection with temperature sensor type RT101. RT101 provides a signal at too high temperatures.
S-RT101 is used together with temperature sensor RT101, where it is connected as a safety component with break signal as well as when several signal exits are requireed. RT101 is used at the danger of fire.

Product Features

  • Control box for temperature sensor RT101
  • RT101 ensures alarm at fire
  • Must be connected to signal device or acoustic sounder
  • Simple mounting
  • Adjustable between 25°C and 90°C

Further data

Control box for temperature sensor type S-RT101 is intended for conversion of break signal.


Protection rating IP 65 with relay for conversion of break to close signal asl well as potential-free contact set for parallel signal to CTS.

Used to together with temperature sensor RT101 that is intended for signalling at too high temperatures in filter unit outlet and the like, e.g. where there is a risk of fire.


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