Fill-level sensor OEM-K

Fill-level sensor OEM-K is used, when you require to get an alarm at filled dust container and the like, e.g. in connection with cyclones and filter units.
OEM-K consists of a photocell with 5m cable as well as a box with a photocell amplifier. This provides an easy and user-friendly mounting. Sender/receiver are placed outside direct dust/chip impact.

Product Features

  • Short reaction time
  • Easy setting of sensibility
  • Supply voltage 230VAC
  • Ensures for overfilled dust container
  • Signal device or sounder can be connected
Supply voltage: 230VAC
Contact set: 230VAC, max. 8 ampere
Consumption of energy: 2,8VA
Reaction time: 0.65 msec.
Sensitivity setting: Potentiometer
Temperature range: -20 - +60°C
Detection distance: White paper A4: 0.85m
Black paper A4: 0.25m
Sender/receiver cable: Material: PVC
Connection: 2 x 0.22mm2 + screen
Length: 5m
Protection rating: IP54

OEM-K mounted on unit


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