Hose reel for vehicle exhaust SR7V01

SR7V01 is motor-driven. Suitable for mounting in auto repair shops and vehicle inspection services, where exhaust fumes are required conducted away. Can be mounted on the wall or in the ceiling, ready for use.
Hose reel is delivered with motor that can be controlled by pendent hand control or remote control. Is delivered either with 10 metres hose in ø76, ø100, ø125 or ø150mm. Easily connected to piping by nipple.

Product Features

  • Easy mounting on the wall or in the ceiling by 4 bolts
  • Motor-driven hose reel provides easy handling
  • Incl. automatic adjustable limit stop
  • Hose reel completely adjusted and wired, incl. 230V-plug
  • Start/stop-signal for fan or damper
  • Delivered with durable, flexible hose, can partly be run over
  • Wide range of equipment
  • Hose for exhaust fumes with max. temperature 200°C that are added 50% cooling air. Max. constant temperature for hose: 120°C

Product Highlights

Further data

  • The hose is pulled down to the individual vehicle, where the selected nozzle is connected to the exhaust pipe to lead the exhaust gas to the outside.
  • Hose stop regulates the length of the suspended hoses, when the hose is not in use.
  • Is standard available with hose type S3B, which is resistant towards oil, petrol, and the Chemical products that are present in exhaust gases.
  • As an additional advantage SR7V01 can handle heavier hosesr.
  • In case that you forget to disconnect the nozzle from the exhaust pipe, the safety coupling SKB can be mounted between the nozzle and the hose from the hose reel.
  • In connection with the extraction from tractors and heavy-duty vehicles we recommened min. 3m high-temperature hose S6 or S8 to be placed between the vehicle and the standard hose of the hose reel.
  • Wide range of exhaust nozzles


Only 4 bolts in the wall, in the ceiling or the ceiling Construction are necessary.


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