Telescopic arm TGI

Compressible, durable extraction arm for application in connection with welding smoke, soldering smoke, dust, aerosoles and fumes. Arm ranges are 2-7 metres.
Telescopic arm for narrow work areas or low-ceilinged rooms. Suction arm with internal placed bar system, balanced with gas springs and spring balancer. Aluminium coating in hose provides optimized lift at welding.

Product Features

  • Suction arm for small welding cabinets and low-ceilinged facilities
  • Dependable construction with minimal wear at use
  • TGI can rotate freely 360°, with unloaded hose
  • Can be used horizontal or vertical along wall
  • Air-flow optimized hood
  • Mountings for wall with maintenance free swivel
  • Length: 2m, connected with nipple to channel
  • Length: 3-7m, connected with hose to channel

Product Highlights

Further data

  • Telescopic extraction arm with internal-placed bar system, suitable for rooms with less Space.
  • The arm is balaced by gas springs and balancer.
  • The arm can rotate freely 360° with unloaded hose.
  • Is available in the hose diameter ø160mm.
  • Can be delivered with extension arms (up to total 7 metres length), which can be folded along the wall.
  • Swivel joint at wall fitting is equipped with eternity-lubricated bronze bearings, ie. completely without maintenance.
  • Fan can be mounted directly on this suction arm.

TGI 2000

Type Order no. Hose diameter A B C D E
TGI 2000 01 994 500 ø160mm ø160 ø300 804 954 1812


TGI 3000 - 4000

TGI 3000 1050 ø160mm 2808
TGI 4000 1950 ø160mm 3708
Type A Hose diameter Range (ø160mm)


TGI 5000 - 7000

Type A B Hose diameter Range (ø160mm)
TGI 5000 2185 1000 ø160mm 4943
TGI 6000 2185 1895 ø160mm 5837
TGI 6000 3185 1895 ø160mm 6837



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