Extraction tables, walls and hoods intended for the suction of light and heavy gases, dust sorts and particles from larger areas.

Gram extraction tables and walls are available with or without filter in the lengths from 500mm to 3.000mm.

The products are intended for the removal of both lighter and heavier gases at processes as:

Glueing, enamelling, grinding, polishing, welding as well as plasma, flame and laser cutting.

Some of the products are available in several variants.

Suitable for industrial use as well as applications in e.g. educational institutions.

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Extraction walls and panels

Turbo extraction walls and grinding walls with lamellas from 0.5 – 2m length

Extraction tables

Extraction ables with suction from beneath and the back from 1 – 3m with or without integrated filter and fan

Plasma- and flame-cutting tables

Manual cutting tables with Water box or automatic sensoring from cutting portal

Extraction tables for gases and fumes

Glue table, mixing table and spray table for the extraction of light and heavy fumes

Educational tables

Light welding tables for welding and soldering as well as oxygen-cutting table with plate fixation

Spray wall

Spray panels and walls for extraction in connection with enamel and grinding tasks


Hood with and without edge extraction and with the option for assembly and suspension of lamellas