Cyklone CY/LCY

A cyclone is used as pre-separator for coarser particles. Especially suitable before a filter unit to filter larger particles. Thus sparing a filter material.
Gram cyclones are available in 3 models: 1. Model CY, for low pressure. 2. Model CY-V, for high pressure. 3. Model LCY, for lighter materials. Many combinations, e.g. regarding dust and particle Collection.

Product Features

  • Easy mounting
  • Wide range of equipment
  • Inlet can be placed in both sides
  • High pressure cyclones for high pressure connections
  • Cyclones for very light particles
  • Dust container outlet equipment for continuous outlet

Product Highlights

Cyclone type LCY 160 incl. 150L dust container

Further data

For the separation of certain material types/chips at larger material volumes you can advantageously use a cycklone as pre-separator.

Through coarse separation by cyclone the filter material load is reduced, whereby the operating costs are reduced.

Gram cyclones are available in 3 models:

CY Air volume: 500 - 30,000m³/h
Vacuum: Up to 5,000Pa 
Rise velocity (immersion tube): Approx. 20m/s
Intended for low pressure
CY-V Air volume: 1,000 - 8,000m³/h
Vacuum: Up to 40,000Pa
Rise velocity (immersion tube): Approx. 20m/s
Intended for high pressure
LCY Air volume: 1,500 - 7,000m³/h
Vacuum: Up to 5,000Pa
Rise velocity (immersion tube). Approx. 1.5m/s
Intended for lighter materials by speed reduction


Cyclone type CY 500 - 1500 incl. 40L dust container

Dust/particle collection can take place by dust container (40-150L) or sack rack (380L).

At larger material volumes the cyclone can be place on a under frame and equipped with equipment for pressureless outlet to bulk bag.

For simple connection to high-vacuum dust the inlet and outlet are equipped with JKF-flanges.

Filter cabinet is made in 2mm black steel plate and subsequently powder enamelled.

Is available in hot-galvanized, enamelled steel plates for outdoor mounting.

Is available in explosion-protected/-reliefed version for application in ATEX-zones.

Futher is available:

  • Lockable inspection cover below on the cyclone side.
  • Sack insert for 72L-dust container
  • 380L-sack rack
  • Under frame and connections for bulk bag and drop pipe for customer specific containers, see brochure page
  • Under frame for extension of bulk bag, shielded with door and micro-switch
  • Temperature sensor type RT101 as well as signal devices
  • Fill-level sensor type OEM-K

Principle sketch

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