Equipment for Gram extraction arms A-E

Equipment for Gram extraction arms, consisting of: A. Suspension for suction arms B. Equipment for suction hoods C. Interchanging moutings
A. Suspension for suction arms: Ceiling brackets, extension arms and mating flanges B. Equipment for hoods: Quick coupling, halogen light and protection grid C. Interchanging mountings: Extraction slots, interchanging mountings.

Product Features

  • Gram ceiling brackets ensure easys ceiling suspension
  • Extension arm provide suction arms with a larger operating radius
  • Quick coupling in hood enables hose extension
  • Halogen light at hood is an efficient light source
  • Protection grid in hood removes unwanted elements
  • Interchangning mounting provides increased applications

Product Highlights

Futher data

With equipment for Gram extraction arms a larger flexibility regarding suspenstion and application is achieved:

1. Ceiling brackets/extension pipes with horizontal or slant mounting plate (in 3 diameters and 6 lengths).

  • Extension arms from 1-5 metres.
  • With horizontal extension arms existing arms can be extended up to 9 metres.
  • Mating flange for welding mountings.

2. Quick coupling in Hood provides possibility for extension hose.

  • Halogen light with built-in switch is available for exisiting suction arms.
  • Protection grid in Hood provents unwanted elements in ventilation system.

3. Extraction slots in several dimensions.

  • Extraction slots up to 1250mm are available for longer weldings.

4. Interchanging mountings for shift from special hood.


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