Hose S

V.Aa. Gram offers a complete ventilation hose program for the extraction of: welding, dust, exhaust gases, chips and hot air.
The brochure page ”Hoses type S” contains information regarding: Material description and suitability. Weight, vacuum, diameter and order no. Colour, standard length and temperature suitability. Here follows a short presentation:

Product Features

  • Especially selected hose for ventilation purposes
  • Hoses for e.g. Gram extraction arms
  • Hoses for low and high vacuum
  • Hoses for flue gases, dust and chips
  • Hoses for exhaust gases
  • Hoses for explosive environments
  • High-temperature hoses
  • Clamps, easyclip and protection sleeves

Further data

Hoses type S1 and S1A:

Hose S1:

  • Flexible, large durability, several layers, consisting of: copolymer, aluminium and polyester.
  • For: welding smoke in connection with suction arms
  • ø65-406mm, colour: grey

Hose S1A:

  • PVC with steel spirale, flame resistant
  • For: vacuuming, light chips, smoke and gases
  • ø100-200mm, colour: grey

Hoses type S2A, S2A-A and S2B:

Hose S2A:

  • Extruded, self-supporting, of ethyl/vinyl/acetat
  • For: high pressure at welding, soldering, grinding
  • ø25-51mm, colour: blue

Hose S2A-A:

  • Flexible, electrically conductive
  • For: Handtools and industrial vacuumers
  • ø32-51mm, colour: black

Hose S2B:

  • Sandwich-built of 2 layer PVC, smooth inside, extruded outside
  • For: Extraction of cold air, flue gasses, dust and lighter particles as well for industrial vacuum cleaning
  • ø38-63mm, colour: black

Hoses type S3B and S3C:

Hose S3B:

  • Heat resistant, can be partly run over, very light.
  • For: exhaust gases, hot and oily air
  • ø76-152mm, colour: black

Hose S3C:

  • Heat resistant, can be run over, light
  • For: exhaust gases, warm and oily air
  • ø76-152mm, colour: black

Hose type S4:

Hose S4:

  • Hardwearing, tear-resistant, non-toxic, resistant to oil and petrol.
  • For: chip extraction, material transport, valves hangning from ceiling and food industry
  • ø65-102mm, colour: transparent

Hoses type S6, S8 and S9-A:

Hose S6:

  • High temperatur ???, wear-layer protected
  • For: exhaust gas hoses
  • ø76-150mm, colour: grey with Black spiral

Hose S8:

  • High-temperature hose
  • For: the first metres after exhaust pipe, DIN 4102-B1
  • ø102-152mm, colour: silver/grey

Hose S9-A:

  • Antistatic spiral hose
  • For: explosive areas according to ATEX-directive.
  • ø80-200mm, colour: black

Hose type S10:

Hose S10:

  • Highly durable, flexible, polyester fabric coated with PVC on both sides
  • For: transport of extraction air without wearing particles, e.g. welding smoke
  • ø63-405mm, colour: black


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