Oil mist separator OUK

OUK is a mulit-step oil mist separator for the separation of oil mist aerosoles in process air from processing machines, where cooling lubricants are used.
At the filtration of oil mist through OUK the emission < 1mg/m³, and the emission limit values for oil mist aerosoles as stated by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency Order no. 682 (2014) are thus met.

Product Features

  • Efficient oil mist separation
  • Separation takes place in 3 steps
  • Suitable cooling lubricant filter
  • Option for selection of HEPA and active carbon filter
  • Easy filter replacement through front door
  • Separated oil is removed by drain cock
  • OUK 4000 are available with mounted fan
  • Differential pressure manometer for filter control can be mounted

Product Highlights

Further data

OUK oil mist separator is available in 10 combinations in the models OUK 4000, 8000, 12000 and 16000.

Air volume up to 16,000m³/h

Vacuum up to 5,000Pa

Filter area:

  • Pre-filter 0,5-2m²
  • F9, 19-76m²
  • Option H 13

Filtration efficiency: F9

Filtration efficiency with HEPA-filter: H13

Separation of oil mist takes place in 3 steps:

  1. Speed reduct6ion
  2. Pre-separation in washable pore filter 35
  3. Fine filtration in compact filter F9.

With the option for HEPA-filter (H13) - filter step 4.

Oil mist separator OUK is placed on the floor on the included legs or mounted on the wall with Gram FLEX-mountings.

Inlet is standard placed in the left side, but can easily be placed on the right side.

Separated oil/cooling lubricant is easily drained by drain cock in the bottom.

To monitor the pressure drop above the filters the Minihelic-differential pressure manometer or the electronic filter guard can be mounted in front door.

Fan model type M7 can be mounted in the top of OUK 4000 to achieve a compact, complete unit and save possible piping to an external fan.

Filter cabinet is made in 1.5mm Black steel and subsequently powder enamelled.

Is available in hot-galvanized, enamelled steel plates for outdoor mounting.

Further is available:

  • Top with outlet grid without connection (only for OUK 4000)
  • Unit preparation for cooling lubricants containing boric acid (change of sealants and sealings)
  • Fan module M7 for mounting on top of OUK 4000.

Principle sketch for flow through oil mist separator type OUK

Principle sketch for flow through oil mist separator type OUK with HEPA-filter

OUK 4000M7 with built-in Minihelic-differential pressure mamometer and fan module VE 3900M7 in sound enclosure.

OUK 12000 with monitoring from Minihelic-differential pressure mamometer


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