Gram exhaust nozzles E-N

Exhaust nozzles for application at extraction from cars, trucks, farming machines, heavy-duty vehicles and motorcycles.
Exhaust nozzles are delivered for all type of vehicles. Are selected according to dimension, accessibility and exhaust pipe. Nozzles are made in steel and steel coated with temperature resistant rubber.

Product Features

  • Easy application of exhaust nozzles
  • Exhaust nozzles with rubber to avoid scratches
  • Simple steel connection pieces for round exhaust pipes
  • Oval nozzles for double or wide exhaust pipes
  • Nozzles with MOT test point for measuring CO2
  • Twin exhaust nozzle in several dimensions
  • Exhaust filter (MF100) for exhaust gas filtration

Product Highlights

Further data

Diverse selection of hoods/exhaust nozzles in steel or rubber for all vehicles, available in round and oval shapes with dimensions between ø76 and ø200mm.

  • Exhaust nozzles are selected according to, accessibility and exhaust pipe.
  • Nozzles are attached in different ways: Spring flap, clip, clamp, pump or pneumatic

For the pneumatic fastened nozzles intermediate pipes with sliding valve and supply set with up to 10m pressure hose are available.

  • Supply set with pressure reducing valve and pressure manometer.

Exhaust nozzles on Wheels are suitable for placement behind vehicles.

Gram vertical exhaust nozzles are placed over vertical exhaust pipes


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