Temperature sensor RT101

Temperature sensor RT101 for signaling at high temperatures in units/channels, e.g. in the case of a fire. Together with control box S-RT101 the alarm is activated.
RT101 is used in filter unit outlet and the like, where there is a risk of fire. Can register temperatures between 25°C and 90°C. In the program a mounting bracket for temperature sensor RT101 is also included.

Product Features

  • RT101 ensures alarm at fire
  • Must be connected to signal device or acoustic sounder
  • Simple mounting
  • Adjustable between 25°C and 90°C

Product Highlights

Further data


  • Thermostat with fixed med fastmonterede capillaries
  • Adjustment option for temperatures between 25°C and 90°C.
  • Has standard open and break switch

Can be used together with control box type S-RT101 for conversion of safety break signal to close and potential-free signal.


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