Extraction arm RGF

Very flexible extraction arm for application in connection with welding smoke, soldering smoke, dust, aerosoles and fumes. Can rotate freely 360°, ranges 2-9 metres.
Suction arm hood provides high efficiency, and outer arm bar system causes minimal maintenance. Outer hose aluminium coating provides optimized life at e.g. welding.

Product Features

  • Easy-moving suction arm with large movement pattern
  • RGF can rotate freely 360°, with unloaded hose
  • Air-flow optimized hood
  • Outer bar system, provides better flow and less wear
  • Mountings for wall with maintenance free swivel
  • Arm length: 2-4 m, connected with nipple to channel
  • Arm length: 5-9 m, connected with hose to channel
  • Fan can be mounted directly on suction arm

Product Highlights

Further data

  • Extraction arm made in durable powder enamelled steel construction.
  • Is available in following hose diameters: ø100, ø125, ø160 and ø200mm, and ranges from 2-9 metres.
  • The arm is balanced with gas springs and has parallelogram Constructions. Construction with internal bar system reduces wear, increased air flow and makes service easier.
  • Swivel joint for wall fittings are equipped with eternity-lubricated bronze bearings, ie. completely without maintenance.
  • Fan can be mounted directly on this suction arm.
  • The arm is delivered with extension arm/double swing arm to max. 9 metres length.
  • Also option for mounting flange for table/mobile unit.
  • Is available in special version as tripartite suction arm.

RGF 2000-4000

Type Order no. A B
RGF 2000 01 960 600 500 500
RGF 3000 01 960 600 1000 1000
RGF 4000 01 960 600 1500 1500

RGF 4000E-5000

Type A Hose diameter Range (ø160mm)
RGF 4000E 1050 ø125-ø200mm 3950
RGF 5000 1950 ø125-ø200mm 4850


RGF 6000-9000

Type A B Hose diameter Range (ø160mm)
RGF 6000 2185 1000 ø125-ø200mm 6085
RGF 7000 2185 1895 ø125-ø200mm 6980
RGF 8000 3185 1895 ø125-ø200mm 7980
RGF 9000 3185 1895 ø125-ø200mm 8980



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