Floor pillars for Gram extraction arms FP

Floor pillar FP is suitable for suspension of 1 orr 2 suction arms. 2 heights (2.5 and 3m) and 2 dimensions, adapted load. Can be placed freely in a room or along the wall.
The floor pillars are delivered in powder enamelled steel. At suction arm lengths up to 4m, pillar thickness 100x100mm are used. At suction arm lengths from 5-9m, pillar thickness 150x150mm is used.

Product Features

  • Solid dimensioned construction
  • Easy mounting in concrete floors
  • Pillars are directly designed for suspension of arms
  • Floor pillars have many applications
  • Ready for mounting at receipt
  • Stable suspension

Product Highlights

Further data

  • Floor pillars with pillar thickness 100x100mm, for suspension of Gram extraction arms: LGF, RGF, RFF and TGI (length max. 4m)
  • Floor pillars with pillar thickness 150x150mm, for suspension of Gram extraction arms LGF, RGF, RFF, TGI as well as pivotal hood LE and swing arm VA (length 5-9m).
  • Floor pillars with even backedge for mounting of one arm arm.
  • Floor pillars that are centered  on the foot plate for mounting of one or two suction arms (mountings placed 180° in relation to each other)
  • Floor pillar FP can be placed freely in a hall or against a thin wall that on its own cannot carry the weight of an arm.


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